Volodymyr Putin does not Save Viktor Medvedchuk from Courts

Not so long ago Viktor Medvedchuk was one of the most influential ‘power brokers’ in Ukrainian policy. He was the ‘architect’ of judicial system, however today his property rights to estates in Obolon’ and Simeiz are disputed in courts. By the way, in Ukrainian courts and in Russian courts. It approves the statement that a traitor will never be at home among the strangers. Volodymyr Putin’s friend can’t be at home among Ukrainians as well as a Ukrainian citizen can’t be at home among Russians.   

‘Nasi Groshi’revealed information about some objects considering the fact they belong to:

·         Viktor Medvedchuk personally;

·         Investment company ‘Ukrkapital’ LLC, beneficiary of which is Viktor Medvedchuk;

·         Terra-invest LLC, beneficiary of which is Viktor Medvedchuk;

·         Investment company ‘Sport-tour’ LLC, which is founded by Terra-invest LLC.




Viktor Medvedchuk owns 6,16 ha on 150 and 152 Vyshgorodska Street, 5 km far from Viktor Yanukovych’s ‘Mezhygirya’. There Mr. Medvedchuk has the 3 000 m2 estate (living space is 498 m2). On June 2, 2015 this property was arrested because of Viktor Medvedchuk’s debts. Illichivsk division of State Executive Service under Mariupol city Juridical Department (Donetsk region) issued such decision. Yet journalists have not managed to discover any details in the judicial registry.

Mr. Medvedchuk purchased this realty in December 2003 while he headed the Office of President Leonid Kuchma. In 2005 after first Maydan ex-head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine Myhaylo Chechetov gave himself up to the police where confessed that under Medvedchuk’s pressure he allowed to privatize buildings of the state recreation center ‘Pushcha-Vodytsia’ for the ‘Dynamo-Kyiv’ football club’s benefit. However, an investigation was not initiated. Moreover, according to registries, Medvedchuk took care not only of footballers but of himself as well.

In the cadaster map it is shown that neighbor land plot (5,6 ha) with the luxurious house was registered to Olena Franchuk, ex-President Leonid Kuchma’s daughter, who now has a surname of her husband - Viktor Pinchuk. The ‘Dynamo’ football club possesses here 9,1 ha of land. 

One more land plot (4,9 ha) is registered to Asset Management Company “Mtir Esset Management’, which is related to Surkis’ Group – owners of ‘Dynamo’ football club.

5,7 ha land plot in front of Medvedchuk’s estate is registered to the Candelfiera Estates Ltd. (Cyprus). Its owners are unknown. 5,4 ha behind Medvedchuk’s estate belongs to Investment company ‘Ukrkapital’ LLC, beneficiary of which Viktor Medvedchuk is.


At Obolon’ waterfront Viktor Medvedchuk is even closer to Yanukovych. Via Sport-tour LLC he owns the house number 57 (Yanukovych’s house is 33).


According to ‘Insider’ information, on this street a lot of senior officials have estates:

-        Maria Moshenska, a wife of ex-member of Parliament Valeriy Moshenskiy, 

-        Svyatoslav Piskun, ex-General Prosecutor,

-        Natalia Kivalova, a wife of ex-member of Parliament Sergiy Kivalov, 

-        Pavlo Ivanyuta, a director of municipal enterprise ‘Kyivpoligraphtekhnika’

-        Kostyantyn Yaloviy, ex-deputy of Kyiv city council and a son of ex-deputy Chief of staff in the Parliament Volodymyr Yaloviy.


According to data from the State Registry of the Immovable Property Rights, Viktor Medvedchuk’s estate has 609 m2, land plot is 0,08 ha. He got property rights for it in 2013. However, in February 2015 the Juridical Department of Shevchenkivskiy district arrested the house and land because of debts of the Investment Company ‘Sport-tout’ LLC. According to the Registry of court decisions, Sport-tout LLC must pay UAH 114 000 of debt to the State enterprise ‘NTK Impuls’ and UAH 130 000 of debt – to Graphoservis LLC.

Both debts were accrued because Viktor Medvedchuk didn’t pay all money for equipment of his estate in Simeiz (Crimea). ‘NTK Impuls’ was responsible for security system (infrared lighting along the perimeter, video surveillance, WiFi). ‘Graphoservis’ LLC was supposed to receive UAH 6,28 million for a fountain equipment in 2011 (based on historical exchange rate, it was about $ 800 000). Reasons why Viktor Medvedchuk didn’t pay this (not big for him) money is unknown. 



Viktor Medvedchuk’s estate in Simeiz is, probably, the most famous. It’s the coolest object of Sport-tour LLC with a total area of almost 6 000 m2 including terraces, swimming pool, helipad, etc. The estate is built on place of former recreation center named after Baranov, which stopped functioning in early 2000. In 2013 there was a scandal because Sport-tour LLC fenced in the children anti-tuberculosis recreation center from the sea. Here are the interiors of estate:



In the estate in Simeiz in 2012 Viktor Medvedchuk received his friend. The Russian President Volodymyr Putin is a godfather of Viktor Medvedchuk’s and Oksana Marchenko’s (TV anchor) daughter. The girl’s godmother is Svitlana Myedvyedeva, a wife of Russian Prime Minister. The aim of the visit was to talk and look at the light-musical fountain worth $ 800 000. This estate became a place where ‘dirty policy’ was developed (related to converting of Ukraine to Russia’s bosom). It affected another Medvedchuk’s land plot in Crimea (information about this is in next chapter ‘Gaspra’).

The neighbor land plot is also privatized. There is a big not finished building. The land owner is Avto Business Group LLC from Kyiv which was founded by Cyprus company Vedosime Holdings Ltd. (today it’s re-registered to another Cyprus company Dirlon Management Ltd. The head of the company is Viktor Sydoruk, an assistant of deputy from ‘Opposition Block’ Nestor Shufrych. Mr. Sydoruk is a business-partner of Vyacheslav Cherepanya, another Nestor Shufrych’s assistant.

In October 2013 the sale contract for Avto Business Group Ltd. was notarized by Ganna Shust, a daughter of the head of Medvedchuk’s Investment company ‘Garmonia’. According to the Registry data, Ganna Shust notarized many contracts for Medvedchuk’s companies.


On November 19, 2004 while Viktor Medvedchuk was a Head of the Office of President Leonid Kuchma, Terra-invest LLC registered in Yalta Bureau of Technical Inventory the contracts for purchasing of 4 buildings (under letters M, Z, E and O) on 13 Alupka Shosse Street in Gaspra urban-type village in Crimea.

These buildings are the separate parts of recreation center ‘Dnipro’ which occupies 1 ha of land in a couple of meters away from the sea coast and not far from ‘Lastivchyne Gnizdo’ (Swallow's Nest). Viktor Medvedchuk’s firm ‘Ukrcapital’ planned to build on this land plot an 18-storey hotel. However, this pan was not realized. Although in 3 days after the land plot was registered the first Maydan broke out, ‘orange politicians’ didn’t attempt to take this land plot away. This process was initiated by Viktor Yanukovych and finished by Russians.

Volodymyr Putin came to Mr. Medvedchuk late in the evening on July 12, 2012. It became the final point in last visit of Russian President to still Ukrainian Crimea.



That time Viktor Yanukovych was an adherent of Eurointegration, Donetsk senior officials drove Russian businessmen from court to court in Ukraine. Volodymyr Putin came to solve conflict issues. 

The visit was done in quite boorish manner. After the Russian President’s plane landed he in spite of the official protocol went to talk to biker groups of the authority “Khirurg’ (‘Surger’). As a result, he was late for a meeting with Viktor Yuanukovych for 4 hours. After the Presidential tet-a-tet Putin didn’t flight to Moscow but went to meet his friend Viktor Medvedchuk. The video of this ‘party’ was published on LifeNews with a very expressive topic: “Russian President visited his daughter-in-god and her father, ex-head of the President Office Viktor Medvedchuk, who advocates for the Customs Union”.

Such heavy hint about delicate circumstances was dropped for Donetsk Eurointegrator Viktor Yanukovych. We can name it coincidence, however the same day, July 12, 2012, one of investigators of Yalta prosecutor’s office registered a decision about arrest of Viktor Medvedchuk’s land in Gaspra.

Crimea annexation didn’t solve Viktor Medvedchuk’s problems with this land plot, because it was already taken away by Russian government. In February 2015 the Crimean Council adopted the resolution according to which 1 ha land plot and all buildings on it were classified as ‘property on the territory of park-monument of landscape art of national importance ‘Kharaks’.


In July Terra-invest LLC made a complaint regarding the decision of Crimean deputies to the Arbitration Tribunal in Simferopol. Although Medvedchuk was a ‘god’ of judicial system in Ukraine, On September 17, 2015 Russian court elegantly pointed out Mr. Medvedchuk’s place in ‘new’ Crimea. His complain wasn’t satisfied considering such circumstances:

1.      on March 18, 2014 Russians began to rule in Crimea;

2.      on April 30 Crimean Council adopted the law according to which including of any land or realty to the “List of realty considered as Crimean property’ automatically means that the previous owner’s property rights are declined and transferred to new government;

3.      thereby, on February 27, 2015 the Crimean Council made the official decision (from the point of view of Russian legislation) to take away Viktor Medvedchuk’s property in Gaspra. Today on the base of Ukrainian recreation center purchased by Medvedchuk there is a recreation zone of the Federal Tax Service of Russia, cynical called ‘Dnyepr’ (‘Dnipro’).

 Other Realty

Sport-tour LLC:

  • This firm owns a villa in the natural boundary ‘Parazhyn’, Zakarpattya. The total area of estate is 849 m2, benefit facilities – 473 m2. As majority of Medvedchuk’s estate this also was built in early 2000, when Mr. Medvedchuk worked for the Office of President Leonid Kuchma. In the neighborhood there is a recreation center of ‘Dynamo’ football club (some time ago Medvedchuk was a co-owner of this club).  

  • Sport-tour LLC owns 34 ha of land for the sport base by Stugna river in Ukrainka urban-type community (Obukhiv district of Kyiv region).


  • Moreover, Sport-tour LLC owns:

o    nonresidential building (878 m2) on 27B Turgenivska Street;

o    estate (609 m2) on 57 Obolon’ waterfront (Kyiv);

o    apartment (52 m2) on 48 Geroiv Stalingrada Street (Kyiv);

o    apartment (69 m2) on 99/4 Avtozavodska Street (Kyiv);

o    apartment (54 m2) on 26 Zakhidna Street in Alupka (Crimea)

Terra-invest LLC:

  • In December 2004 the firm rented almost 8 ha of land with earmarking ‘for hunting and sport-amateur fishing’. The land was rented for 49 years period from Tsybalivske village council (Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskiy district of Kyiv region). Later the land plot was transferred in sublease to the Goldvein LLC which belongs to Viktor Tsyrenzhapov (he is also the director of Kyiv branch of ‘Poninkivskiy cardboard and paper mill’ of Surkis’ Group.
    • The firm owns a part of 930 m2 building on 2 Stoyanivska Street in Radehiv (Lviv region)

    Investment company ‘Ukrkapital’ LLC owns

    • 19 apartments in the club building ‘Diamant’ on 27B Shevchenko Avenue in the center of Kyiv;
    • 12 apartments in the elite residential building on 9A Grushevskogo Street;
    • 127 m2 land plot under the office building (269 m2) on 47/1 Pushkinska Street in Mykolaiv;
    • group of buildings of total price of UAH 3 million in Shegyni village, Lviv region;
    • 102 m2 house on 6 Bozhenka Street in Uzhgorod;
    • a house in the nature boundary ‘Kamyanka’ and recreation center ‘Beskyd’ in the nature boundary ‘Yozefstal’ in Myslivka village, Ivano-Frankivsk region;
    • 2-storey building at the 0,2 ha land plot on 81A Pivnichna Street in Kamyanets-Podilskiy, Khmelnytsk region;
    • 1 200 m2 building on 36 Rynok Maydan in Striy town, Lviv region;
    • apartment on 1 Kavaleridze Street in Lviv  
    Iryna Saliy, Yuriy Nikolov, ‘Nashi Groshi’