Settlement of Heads of Naftogas - Ukrgidroenergo

The island Shlyuzoviy (Vasylkivskiy) is located downstream the dam of Kyiv hydropower station near Vyshgorod. Its territory is privatized by some high-level officials. Among them are ex-leaders of ‘Naftogas’, families of members of the Parliament, son-in-law of Deputy General Prosecutor as well as former and present top managers of ‘Ukrgidroenergo’ – state concern which governs the Kyiv hydropower station.

According to the State land cadaster, all land plots are in private ownership of physical and juridical bodies and their earmarking is ‘for joint residential building’ or ‘for farming or gardening’. Gardening is the ‘classical scheme’ used to build private houses on land which is not for building purposes. This ‘scheme’ was used by ex-leaders of ‘Naftogas’ and some acting parliamentaries to build estates at the dam of Kyiv reservoir.


To remind, according to the article 88 of Water Code of Ukraine, on the islands there is a regime of limited economic activities, foreseen for protective coastal strips.

According to the article 89 of the same Code, within protective coastal strips and on islands building of any facilities (except hydroengineering, navigating or hydrometric ones) is prohibited (including building of recreation centers and cottages).

Moreover, according to Public cadastral map, most of the island including privatized land plots is classified as ‘Territories of protective greenery’. ‘Nashi Groshi’ requested the State Geocadastre to explain the land status and limitations regarding building on the island considering functional zoning. As soon as we receive an answer, it will be published.


Meanwhile we present the list of famous owners of land plots on Shlyuzoviy island:

  • As. Terra LLC (4 land plots of total area of 4 ha for the joint residential building). The firm is registered in Kharkiv. Its owners were from Kharkiv as well, one of them is still Igor Kogut, co-owner of Fineks-Capital LLC, which is related to Gennadiy Kernes’s firms. However, the main owner of this firm (99,98% of shares) is Illya Rafalovskiy, son-in law of the ex-deputy of General Prosecutor Volodymyr Guzyr. In July 2015 after he was publicly accused in attempt to defend ‘diamond prosecutors’ who were arrested for bribery, he left the service with a scandal.

According to ‘Slidstvo.Info’ data, Mr. Rafalovskiy owns a lot of land near Kyiv. For instance, together with partners via Kurortindustria LLC he owns 12 ha of land in the resort town Vorzel. Next to Mr. Rafalovskiy’s office in the business center at Pechersk (central district in Kyiv) there is an office of ‘BRSM-Nafta’ which belongs to the ex-Minister of Energy Eduard Stavytskiy. Besides, Rafalovskiy’s father-in-law Volodymyr Guzyr while being on the post of Deputy of General Prosecutor, tried to pressure police inspectors who investigated the case about fire at ‘BRSM-Nafta’ oil storage facility.

Circumstances under which AS. Terra got land plots are unknown. Data from the State Registry of Property Rights to Immovable Property tells only about mortgage in 2011. That time two biggest 2 ha plots were put in pledge – one on bail of UAH 10,28 million, another on bail of UAH 9,58 million. Thus, the total value of Mr. Rafalovskiy land on the island could be around UAH 20 million. As well, based on the registry data, it’s known that at that moment the land plots earmarking was ‘for farming or gardening’, for the time being both plots have earmarking ‘for joint residential building’.


·         Roman Zagorodniy and Tetyana Zagorodnya own 0,24 ha for joint residential building. A person with a name Tetyana Zagorodnya also possesses the house in Gorbovychi village. Till April 2014 Roman Zagorodniy was a member of the Board of ‘Naftogaz’ JSC of Ukraine. He was called a protege of Volodymyr Boyko and Dmytro Firtash, at least Mr. Zagorodniy was known as a member of Supervisory Board of “Uman’gaz’ and ‘Tysmenytsyagaz’.

·         Albina Usenko (0,12 ha of land for joint residential building) is a daughter of Vadym Chuprun, ex-Head of ‘Naftogaz’ and Deputy Minister of Energy. He was fired as well as Roman Zagorodniy in 2014 after Maydan. As well he headed Donetsk State Regional Administration in 2005 – 2006.

·         Olena Kostyk (0,12 ha of land for joint residential building) is a wife of Sergiy Kostyk. Till 2013 he worked as a deputy head of the Sales Department of ‘Ukrgazvydobuvannya’. Then he headed the Sales Department in ‘Naftogaz’, in March 2014 he was appointed the Head of ‘Ukrgazvydobuvannya’. In 2014 the State Security Service of Ukraine arrested Sergiy Kostyuk for short period based on suspicion of authority abuse which brought losses of UAH 23 million for the State. It was about selling of liquid natural gas to Igor Yeryemyeyev group at reduced prices. According to ‘Insider’ data. Mr. Kostyuk has close relationship with one of the owners of small private business ‘Feon’ associated with the member of Parliament Yaroslav Moskalenko. Meanwhile Mr. Moskalenko’s wife owns next to Mr. Kostyuk’s land plot.


  • Inna Moskalenko owns 0,12 ha of land for joint residential building. In 2010 -2012 her husband Yaroslav Moskalenko was the first deputy head of Kyiv State Regional Administration during Anatoliy Prysyazhnyuk’s cadence (before Prysyazhnyuk headed ‘Chornomornaftogaz’), then he became a deputy from the Party of Regions. Thus, earlier Moskalenko was associated with Anatoliy Prysyazhnyuk and Volodymyr Boyko. At the special elections to the Parliament in 2014 Moskalenko was an independent candidate, then he became a member of ‘Volya narodu’ (Peoples’ will) Group which was leaded by the late Igor Yeremyeyev. Today Yaroslav Moskalenko heads it.


  • Oleksandr Kyrykylytsya, is a husband of Oleksandra Kuzhel, a Member of the Parliament. He was gisfted two land plots (0,24 ha in total) for joint residential building in May 2014. The previous land owner is unknown. In Oleksandra Kuzhel’s declaration for 2014 these land plots are indicated.


·         Anatoliy Kasyanenko, a deputy head of ‘Ukrgidroenergo’ JSC, owns 0,12 ha of land for joint residential building.


·         Anatoliy Zamkrit owns 0,12 ha of land for joint residential building. He is ex-deputy head and member of the Board of ‘Ukrgidroenergo’ JSC (fired in 2011). In 2013 he was appointed on the post of the head of Financial Department of ‘Ukrgidroenergo’ JSC.


·         Oleksiy Shapoval owns 0,12 ha of land for joint residential building. He is a son of Oleksandr Shapoval, who was ex-deputy head and member of the Board of ‘Ukrgidroenergo’ JSC in 20072011.


·         Myhaylo Pinchuk owns 0,12 ha of land for joint residential building. Till 2013 he was a head of Department of Physical Protection of ‘Ukrgidroenergo’ JSC.


·         Zhanna Gutina (0,12 ha of land for joint gardening) occupied the post of first deputy director of the Department of Economics and Investments of  ‘Ukrgidroenergo’ JSC since 2009. In 2012 was a head of Department of Investments attracting. She inherited the land plot in July 2015.

  • Dmytro Polubatko owns 0,12 ha of land for joint residential building (as well he possesses a house in Kozyn village). He’s a son of Lugansk businessman Volodymyr Polubatko, the Presidend of football club ‘Stal’ (Alchevsk). In 2014 an advisory of the Minister of Internal Affairs Stanislav Rechynskiy informed about Polubatko-elder involvement in financing of separatists in Donbas under the nickname ‘Footballer’. Later Polubatko’s lawyer declined these declarations. Polubatko-junior is known due to tenders for community services in Alchevsk.

Full list of owners of land plots on Shlyuzoviy island:

o    AS.Terra LLC

o    Turisheva Larysa Viktorivna

o    Zagorodniy Roman Vasylyovych

o    Zagorodnya Tetyana Mykolaivna

o    Kolesnichenko Olena Viktorivna

o    Golubova Ganna Oleksandrivna

o    Shaforost Volodymyr Ivanovych

o    Shcherbyna Oleksiy Mykolayovych

o    Rud’ Oleksandr Volodymyrovych

o    Kyrykylytsya Oleksandr Leonidovych

o    Moskalenko Inna Oleksandrivna

o    Kostyuk Olena Tsezarivna

o    Bartkiv Viktor Petrovych

o    Bugayova Olga Olegivna

o    Kashuba Natalia Andriivna

o    Luchnikov Andriy Volodymyrovych

o    Bidna Iryna Volodymyrivna

o    Zamrikit Anatoliy Ivanovych

o    Kasyanenko Anatoliy Ivanovych

o    Shevchenko Vitaliy Fedorovych

o    Usenko Albina Vadymivna

o    Sheyko Mykola Oleksiyovych

o    Klochan Nadiya Petrivna

o    Shapovalov Oleksiy Oleksandrovych

o    Gutina Zhanna Semenivna

o    Balashov Igor Ivanovych

o    Polubatko Dmytro Volodymyrovych

o    Paliychuk Vasyl Mykolayovych

o    Kulesh Viktor Ivanovych

o    Lizina Lyudmyla Georgiivna

o    Bondarenko Yaroslav Yuriyovych

o    Mytkivska Olga Volodymyrivna

o    Pinchuk Myhaylo Georgiyovych

o    Ustinov Kostyantyn Valeriyovych

o    Plishko Taras Oleksandrovych

o    Pryimachenko Tetyana Viktorivna

o    NGO ST ‘Perlyna’