Realty of Anti-Corruption Commissioner: 4 Apartments and 4 Hectares of Land

In 2007 Andriy Bogdan ran for the Parliament from ‘Nasha Ukraina’ (Our Ukraine) Party. He didn’t become a parliamentary, however, he occupied a post of Deputy Head of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. In 2010 he was appointed on the post of Head Commissioner for Anti-Corruption Policy. In 2011 the Government eliminated this position and till 2013 Mr. Bogdan worked as an advisor to Mykola Azarov, Prime Minister of Ukraine. In 2013 the position of Head Commissioner for Anti-Corruption Policy was renewed and Andriy Bogdan occupied it again. According to mass-media information, Mr. Bogdan was involved in several corruption scandals and raider fiddles. However, it didn’t impede him from becoming an advisory of Igor Kolomoyskiy, Dnipropetrovsk governor, and being a candidate to the Parliament from Petro Poroshenko’s Blok on October 2015 elections.

According to ‘Garna Hata’ data, Andriy Bogdan owns two apartments in the elite residential complex on 7a-b Lesya Ukrainka Avenue, in prestige district of Kyiv. In 2013 Andriy Bogdan’s wife, Olga Bogdan, was gifted two more apartments in the same complex. Price of 1 m2 in such complex is about UAH 40 000 – 60 000.



Moreover, in declaration for 2013 Andriy Bogdan indicated four land plots (2 915 m2, 1 669 855 m2, 2 620 m2 and 560 m2), other immovable property of total area of 822 m2, 1 247 m2 and 1 000 m2. His family members have three land plots: 78 206 m2, 807 m2 and 1 000 m2. As well, Bogdan’s family own two cars: Mersedes_Benz S550 (2007 model year) and Mersedes_Benz ML350 (2012).