Judge of Kyyevo-Svyatoshyn Court Sued 1,5 ha of Land in Her Court

In 2008 Tetyana Dubas, judge of Kyyevo-Svyatoshyn District Court, according to this Court decision got three land plots of total area almost 1,5 ha in Muzychi village. A three story house (611 m2) built on these plots is registered to Tetyana Dubas (according to official documents). Although Tetyana’s sister, Maria Masovets, who is a head of Muzychi village council, assures the estate belongs not to Tetyana but to her brother.

In 2001 the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma appointed Tetyana Dubas a Judge of Kyyevo-Svyatoshyn District Court. In 2006 according to the Parliament decree, she was approved on her position permanently. There were a lot of disciplinary proceedings regarding Judge Dubas’ work. In 2009 the Supreme Council of Justice considered one of such appeals. It was submitted by the lawyer Dmytro Samarets and related to violation of the law and oath of judge. The point was that Judge Dubas allowed to conduct a search in the flat of a lawyer who defended accused person in the same court. Based on the investigation results, there was a proposal to discharge Tetyana Dubas from her post. However, later this proposal was declined without any explanations. In 2015 in spite of loads of declarations about lustration in Ukrainian courts, Tetyana Dubas was appointed the Head of Kyyevo-Svyatoshyn District Court.